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When selecting a veterinary care facility, it is imperative to anticipate exceptional service and top-tier care. At Union Animal Hospital, we have assembled a team of proficient veterinary professionals dedicated to delivering optimal healthcare for your beloved pet. We also know that managing expectations improves overall satisfaction so we have highlighted a few key things to better prepare you and your pet for a visit at Union Animal Hospital. We want to ensure you and your pet get the absolute most our of each of your visits. 

  • Ahead of your appointment, please communicate all your pet's needs and your concerns to facilitate proper scheduling
    • If we are not aware of all your concerns or pet's needs we may not have sufficient time to address them at your appointment
  • Plan in advance by acquiring your pet's medical records from prior clinics.
  • Make sure you come prepared to pay at the time of services, we do not offer billing and we do require deposits for procedures and most diagnostic and treatment plans
    • We can only accept Cash, Visa and Mastercard
    • We do not take Checks, Discover or American Express
    • If you need financing for your pet's care check out our Payment Options
  • Ensure the presence of the legal pet owner, over 18 years of age, is present during the visit to authorize necessary care.
    • We cannot legally treat or care for pet's without their legal pet owner's approval.
  • Complete online forms beforehand or bring the completed documents with you.
    • We cannot create your account and your pet's medical file without completion of all necessary paperwork by the legal owner, failure to do this can result in need to reschedule or delays in care. 
  • Notify us if a different individual will attend in your place and furnish the required documentation.
    • If the legal owner cannot be present they may appoint someone to act in their absence, though written documenation is necessary for us to follow this directive and grant them that authority
    • When the primary pet owner is unable to attend the appointment we strongly advise you provide a summary in advance of the appointment or send a detailed list of your concerns and questions with the person that will be present for your pet's examination. 
  • While appointments are our primary mode of operation, we can and do accommodate urgent or emergency cases.
    • Please be aware that we are obligated to see patients admitted to our hospital that are more urgent or critical in a timely manner and this may result in delays to our scheduled appointments, please plan accordingly and review our Appointment flow so you are able to prepare accordingly when possible for unexpected delays. 
  • When your pet is scheduled for an illness/concern or urgent care appointment please anticipate potential delays, particularly for extensive treatments or procedures.
    • Your pet may need to stay with us to complete approved tests and treatments for an extended period of time but will always have to be discharged by the close of business.
  • In urgent and emergency scenarios, your pet may be promptly taken to the treatment area for triage
    • This most commonly occurs when your pet is being added to the schedule and we do not have appointment times or exam rooms available at the time of your pet's arrival
  • Upon request, written prescriptions can be obtained but this should be requested in advance or at the beginning of your appointment
    • Written prescriptions are still an uncommon practice in the veterinary field and as such they are offered only upon request
    • If you plan to fill any prescription outside one of our partnered pharmacies or off site you will need a written prescription, a nominal clerical fee may apply
    • Please make sure to review our hospital policies with regard to prescriptions, especially written prescriptions, in advance of your appointment to avoid delays, unexpected fees and frustrations. 
  • Please understand that treatments are occasionally administered in our treatment area to enhance efficiency, as our exam rooms have limited availability. This practice aims to reduce wait times and ensure prompt care for our patients. By utilising this space, we can accommodate more pets and their families daily. It is important to note that our treatment area is staffed by dedicated team members who prioritise the safety and comfort of your pet, employing gentle handling techniques as if they were our own. Many veterinary facilities face similar constraints due to financial limitations preventing the expansion of larger, more modern facilities with multiple exam rooms. This practice does not compromise the quality of care provided to your pet; it is solely a result of our facility's size limitations.

In specific instances, we may recommend a specialist for advanced care in advance of, during or after your pet's evaluation.

Union Animal Hospital upholds transparency; thus, 

DO NOT hesitate to ask any questions or raise concerns with us at any time regarding your pet's care or health. 

For more information about our office please check out our other pages

Appointment Triage - When will my pet be seen? Why am I waiting? - These questions can be answered by understanding how a veterinary medical facility must triage patients to ensure the health and well being of all of our patients. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

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  • "We bring both our girls Ava and Nellie. Our latest visit was due to a limping issue after a visit to a dog park with Nellie (Greyhound and Healer mix). Staff was very kind and gentle with Nellie who is timid with strangers. In the end Nellie thanked both the vet and tech by licking their hands. Great team go see this vet office."
    Joy M.
  • "Dr. Sutton and the loving staff at Union Animal Hospital are amazing! They've taken wonderful care of my dog's since they were puppies. We've added 2 more dog's to our pack, a rescue and a re-home, after my Springer passed this spring. Dr. Sutton and here staff are so good with dog's they don't even mind going for their visits. Thanks Doc!"
    Mike P.
  • "Every visit has been wonderful. I feel like they pay attention to every detail and always ask if we have any more questions. I feel safe leaving my dogs in their care."
    Lisa S.
  • "Union Animal Hospital is the best place! The first time visit was great even during the Pandemic, the techs are wonderful and friendly. Best of all is that they are definitely affordable compared to the rest of the clinics in Spokane."
    Lori J.
  • "The most caring and compassionate animal hospital and veterinary clinic I've found in Spokane. Everyone is so nice and they are outstanding with my 11 year old Pomeranian. I've been searching for a while to find a new Veterinary clinic to take my Pomeranian. I'm so happy to have finally found a place with such caring people whom I can trust to care for my dog and give me all the information I need. They even gave me a print out estimate for everything. They are a bit more expensive than some other places I've researched but with the quality of care they give in my opinion it's well worth the few extra dollars. Thank you guys for treating us so well."
    Amber M.
  • "Our fist time having a pet emergency and Union Animal Hospital took us in right away and helped our Fur baby get better again. We won't go anywhere else, good prices and amazing staff, this is the spot if you care and love your animals take them here to be treated with the utmost respect and quality. LOTS IF LOVE TO YOU GUYS FOR BEING THERE FOR OUR FAMILY"
    Elizabeth R.
  • "Had a great first experience! Dr Sutton was great!"
    Debra R.