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The Union Animal Hospital team boasts a collective experience exceeding 50 years in tending to a diverse array of pets. Operating as a comprehensive companion animal hospital, the "Union" team provides top-tier pet care. Our clinic prioritizes creating a comfortable, pet-friendly, and serene environment whenever possible, to help you and your pet relax when visiting our office. At Union Animal Hospital, patient comfort is paramount, guiding our practice to incorporate low-stress handling techniques inspired by the esteemed Sophia Yin.

Emphasizing education as pivotal to well-being, the doctors and staff at Union Animal Hospital are dedicated to enlightening clients on preventive care. This commitment empowers pet owners to feel assured that they are providing the best care for their cherished companions and potentially averting costly veterinary interventions. In the unfortunate event of a pet sustains a severe injury or falls ill, our team pledges to keep you well-informed and equipped with the necessary guidance to facilitate your pet's recovery to ensure the best possible quality of life for both your pet and your family.

For the most compassionate, thorough, and seasoned veterinary care delivered by a team that cherishes your pet as their own, Union Animal Hospital stands out as the prime choice. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us by phone or text at 509-535-4903, email us, or reach out via facebook messenger or drop a line through our website, and we will promptly address your concerns.

Tami Dr. Sutton's First Patient- Her Beloved Tami (10/1995-10/2012)


Our History

Union Animal Hospital, PLLC was founded by Dr. Linsey Sutton, an 8th Generation "Spokanite," who took over in 2015 from the previous owner when it was just a small startup dental clinic called Affordable Pet Dental Plus. Dr. Sutton stepped in to prevent the clinic's closure when the previous veterinarian had to leave the Spokane area. Initially focused on dental care, Dr. Sutton expanded her vision to provide comprehensive pet care services. Her goal was to create a practice that would make her own pets happy and that she could entrust with their health and well being. With three main objectives in mind: providing top-notch care for pets, being a positive leader, and ensuring affordable care for all furry friends. Dr. Sutton manages Union Animal Hospital, working diligently to handle finances and secure the best prices to pass on savings to clients while still maintaining high-quality care and benefits for patients and the team. Starting as a single-doctor clinic in a small industrial space, Union Animal Hospital has grown to include a team of associate veterinarians, licensed technicians, assistants, and client care representatives, now operating from a modern 6,000 sq ft facility since 2019. The hospital and its team prioritize evolving and improving to provide the best possible care, continually advancing their skills and services for both patients and clients. Stay tuned for more exciting developments at this local, family-owned veterinary practice, caring for all types of pets with dedication and compassion at Union Animal Hospital.

Rising Costs of Veterinary Care

Rising Costs

At Union Animal Hospital, we are keenly aware of the rapid escalation in veterinary care costs in recent years, a trend that sadly seems likely to continue. The substantial overhead expenses involved in running a Veterinary Hospital and the increasing costs associated with operating a veterinary medical facility are the primary reasons for this surge. Many of our clients are unaware of the behind-the-scenes costs unique to veterinary hospitals, which differ significantly from other businesses. Unlike human medical practices, veterinary care demands the expertise of 2-3 skilled professionals per patient, necessitating the presence of numerous trained assistants and technicians in our office. Diagnostic tests are often crucial for assessing our patients' health as they are unable to verbally communicate their discomfort. Veterinary facilities are affected by fluctuating supplier prices, compliance with state and federal regulations, and tax obligations, along with the need to engage outside contractors for various services and maintenace. Dr. Linsey Sutton, the owner of Union Animal Hospital, advocates strongly for fair wages, comprehensive benefits for her employees, and the well-being of the animals under their care. She diligently focuses on meeting the needs of the Union Animal Hospital team, recognizing their crucial role in providing optimal care for your pets, which is the ultimate goal. It is crucial as a business to set fees that cover operational costs, taxes, and fair compensation for our dedicated staff. While our office continues to face the challenges of rising supply costs, taxes, maintenance, and equipment expenses, we are committed to maintaining the high-quality care we offer and will not cut corners that could put your pet at risk to save a buck.

Our aim is to ensure affordability without being perceived as a budget or high-volume, low-cost establishment that might sacrifice care quality to reduce prices. We are averse to compromising care standards to lower prices, a risk we are unwilling to undertake. Operating as a non-profit entity is impractical for us, as it would limit the scope of services we can provide as a veterinary practice in Washington State, which has specific regulations governing non-profit veterinary facilities distinct from other states. While this decision precludes us from enjoying non-profit tax benefits and charitable contributions that such facilities receive, it grants us the freedom to offer a wide range of services without constraints on service type or clientele. Although interpretations of affordability vary, our pledge is to deliver veterinary services at fair prices while upholding the exceptional care standards we provide to your beloved pets. Quality veterinary care, when administered expertly, can entail significant expenses. Despite our commitment to affordability, we are cautious not to compromise your pet's health or safety. In today's economic landscape, veterinary costs are escalating due to pharmaceutical expenses, taxes, and operational costs. We are diligently adapting to these challenges, navigating the intricate landscape of veterinary medicine to ensure continued access to our top-tier care.

At our office, the paramount considerations are the quality of our services and the safety of your pets. When comparing veterinary care providers, it is crucial to acknowledge that not all practices offer the same techniques, degree of skill, anesthetics, or monitoring protocols. While affordability is a key tenet of our practice, we assure you that we will never compromise on the standard of care, health, and safety of your pets to reduce costs. Rest assured that we are dedicated to delivering the utmost care to you and your pets at the most competitive rates possible. When things get tough, don't stress, we have partnered with companies to help offer financing options because we all know that the unexpected can happen to anyone.

Our Hospital Facility

In 2019, we successfully transitioned to our present hospital located at 2225 E Sprague Ave. Following a comprehensive 15-month renovation period, the facility was transformed into a modern and comfortable space, enabling us to better cater to our patients. While we aim to offer a virtual tour of the hospital in the future, our current priority remains providing exceptional care to our patients and their families.

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  • "We bring both our girls Ava and Nellie. Our latest visit was due to a limping issue after a visit to a dog park with Nellie (Greyhound and Healer mix). Staff was very kind and gentle with Nellie who is timid with strangers. In the end Nellie thanked both the vet and tech by licking their hands. Great team go see this vet office."
    Joy M.
  • "Dr. Sutton and the loving staff at Union Animal Hospital are amazing! They've taken wonderful care of my dog's since they were puppies. We've added 2 more dog's to our pack, a rescue and a re-home, after my Springer passed this spring. Dr. Sutton and here staff are so good with dog's they don't even mind going for their visits. Thanks Doc!"
    Mike P.
  • "Every visit has been wonderful. I feel like they pay attention to every detail and always ask if we have any more questions. I feel safe leaving my dogs in their care."
    Lisa S.
  • "Union Animal Hospital is the best place! The first time visit was great even during the Pandemic, the techs are wonderful and friendly. Best of all is that they are definitely affordable compared to the rest of the clinics in Spokane."
    Lori J.
  • "The most caring and compassionate animal hospital and veterinary clinic I've found in Spokane. Everyone is so nice and they are outstanding with my 11 year old Pomeranian. I've been searching for a while to find a new Veterinary clinic to take my Pomeranian. I'm so happy to have finally found a place with such caring people whom I can trust to care for my dog and give me all the information I need. They even gave me a print out estimate for everything. They are a bit more expensive than some other places I've researched but with the quality of care they give in my opinion it's well worth the few extra dollars. Thank you guys for treating us so well."
    Amber M.
  • "Our fist time having a pet emergency and Union Animal Hospital took us in right away and helped our Fur baby get better again. We won't go anywhere else, good prices and amazing staff, this is the spot if you care and love your animals take them here to be treated with the utmost respect and quality. LOTS IF LOVE TO YOU GUYS FOR BEING THERE FOR OUR FAMILY"
    Elizabeth R.
  • "Had a great first experience! Dr Sutton was great!"
    Debra R.