All clients ("owners") must understand and accept that any veterinary service or procedure performed on an animal carries inherent risks of complications and adverse results. Despite the care taken to prevent injuries, certain risks are unavoidable in veterinary medicine. The specific risks associated with any treatment or procedure vary. By providing my consent, whether in writing or verbally, to the examination, care, and treatment of my pet, Clients expressly assume all such risks. The Union Animal Hospital, PLLC ("UAH," "we", "Veterinarian," "Clinic," "Hospital") Providers and staff will make every effort to discuss all potential diagnoses, treatment options, risks, complications, and benefits of treatment options, as well as potential medical outcomes. Clients are solely responsible to ask any questions they may have and feel confident about the recommended course of care or treatment before consenting and releasing their pet to UAH staff for care. Clients shall make it known f they do not feel they have the necessary information to make an informed decision and this must be done prior to acceptance of any recommended treatment plan(s), medications, or procedure(s). However, clients must understand that there is no guarantee that a recommended course of care or treatment plan will resolve or cure their pet's ailment/condition. Additionally, clients shall recognize that additional examinations, consultations, diagnostics, treatments, medications, or surgical procedures may be necessary, and they may continue for extended periods. Clients must acknowldge that any additional examinations, consultations, diagnostics, treatments, medications, procedures, and surgeries will incur additional costs and are not included in the cost of the initial service, treatment, procedure, or surgery.


Clients must acknowledge that unforeseen complications may arise during the agreed-upon services or procedures, necessitating additional services, procedures, or medications, including life-saving measures. Clients presenting their pet for care are UAH are providing permission to the attending veterinarian to administer such treatment and understand that they may need to transport their animal to another veterinarian or facility for the provision of such treatment at their own expense as advised. If life-saving emergency care, such as but not limited to CPR, is necessary, Clients understand that they are responsible for the costs incurred until they or another financially responsible individual for the animal's care can be contacted. Clients acknowledge that these costs are not included in the initial estimates, and there will be associated costs for those additional services. All clients give permission to the UAH medical team to perform initial life-saving measures on their pet until they can be reached or until the veterinarian's clinical judgement determines that their pet is either stable or that further intervention is futile.


At UAH, we prioritise a low-stress handling model and aim for a no fear experience for our animal patients. Due to the unpredictable nature of animals and their responses to unfamiliar and stressful situations, various restraint methods may be necessary to guarantee safe and effective veterinary services and care. While our focus is to maintain a stress-free and a low-fear environment, the safety of our patients, their owners, and staff is paramount.

UAH animal restraint methods include verbal commands, positive reinforcement techniques (such as treats or pheromones), approved and safe physical restraint techniques, restraining aids (such as muzzles, towels, restraint bags, or leashes), or chemical restraint (such as oral or injectable medications or drugs). UAH will never use techniques that are unsafe for their patients or those working with the pet regardless of the owner preference to avoid added costs or added time to complete care.

By signing this agreement, I acknowledge and give permission for the use of animal restraint methods to ensure the safety of both my pet and the veterinary staff. I understand that my pet's safety and comfort are crucial and that non-essential services may not be performed if low-stress restraint is not feasible for any reason. For essential services, more advanced restraint methods, such as chemical restraint, may be recommended and will be discussed where possible prior to their use so long as it is safe to do so.

Consent for Procedure, Treatment, Medication Side-Effects, and Extra-Label Use of Medication(s)

Clients should be aware and acknowledge that procedures, treatments, or prescribed medications may result in side effects when utilized. Clients working with UAH are consenting to the use of drugs and medications, as well as the performance of any procedures or treatments, on their pet  deemed medically necessary by the UAH veterinary medical professional staff and doctors. Clients are responsible for seeking further clarification on any potential side effects of medications, procedures, or treatments if any questions remain unanswered.

Extra-label (off-label) use of drugs or medications (including human medications) or generic formulations may be used in a variety of circumstances if deemed medically appropriate. This implies that the medication prescribed is being utilized in a manner that differs in dosage, frequency, route, indication, or species. These medications comply with the conditions established by the Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act of 1994 (AMDUCA) and FDA regulations. Extra-label drug use encompasses not only FDA-approved animal drugs and human prescription drugs but also FDA-approved human over-the-counter products and compounded products. Compounded medications are those that have been manipulated beyond what is specified on their label and have not undergone regulatory assessment or approval.

The use of medications in an extra-label manner is quite prevalent in veterinary medicine, as there are few drugs approved by the FDA for animal use. The AMDUCA provides veterinarians with the flexibility required to treat animals of any species adequately and swiftly alleviate their suffering. UAH and its veterinarians want our clients to know that we may use medications in an extra-label or compounded form to treat their pets, but we will only do so within these guidelines and with the knowledge that this use is generally regarded as safe. As the client, you have the right to question this use and decline it, but this may result in your pet not receiving the necessary medications. Unless otherwise specified when prescribing, all UAH clients consent to the use of any extra-label use of drugs or medications to treat their pet if deemed medically appropriate by the UAH veterinary medical professional staff and doctors. It remains the client's responsibility to seek further clarification on potential differences in efficacy or side effects related to extra-label drugs if any questions remain unanswered. In most cases, this information will be provided freely at the time of prescribing.


Assumption of Risk – Owner Participation in Animal Care or Restraint

Clients acknowledge that participating in the restraint of their pet during examinations and basic treatments offered by UAH involves some level of risk to their person, their pet, agents of theirs, bystanders, and the veterinarian/staff. Such risks include, but are not limited to, bites, kicks, scratches, attacks, and sudden movements. Clients understand that their pet may behave differently in an unfamiliar and stressful environment such as a veterinary office, and that they may act dangerously and unpredictably, even if they are mild-mannered and safe in familiar environments.

As a responsible pet owner, they must be fully aware of these risks. UAH will take every precaution necessary to mitigate injury to your pet and all parties involved in your pet's visit. UAH's standard policy is to prohibit owner's from participating in the restraint of my their animals, for their own safety as well as the safety of their pe and the UAH team but clients acknowledge that in some cases their pet will feel more at ease and comfortable if they are able to aid or interact. Client's must understand that If they choose to be involved in any way and become injured, they bare full responsibility for any injury or mishap caused by their pet to itself, the veterinarian, their agents, bystanders, and/or themselves and will not hold UAH or its affiliates liable. Client's must further understand that in some cases their pet’s procedures or treatments may need to be done in an area of the hospital they are not permitted to enter and this will limit access to be with their pet. I

Acknowledging the Provision of Prior Medical and Behavior Information

It is the client's responsibility to furnish all relevant medical information and records, which includes the animal's past medical history, current vaccination status, and recent/past lab work results, before any appointment or procedure at UAH. Additionally, clients shall disclose any known issues or concerns that may jeopardise their pet's comfort, safety, or that of the veterinary teams before initiating any restraint or medical care. This also encompasses making sure that the veterinarian and medical staff at UAH are aware of any prior aggressive behavior towards people or other animals. Failure to provide this information may result in legal liability for any injury or be subject to regulations set forth by the governing bodies of the state of Washington.

Post-Operative and Aftercare Compliance

It is critical that clients adhere to the treatment plan and implement proper home care as directed both in writing and verbally by UAH. This is essential to achieving optimal treatment outcomes. It is the client's responsibility to follow all post-visit instructions and recommendations and immediately inform a veterinary professional if they decide to modify the treatment plan or if their pet experiences complications after leaving the premises. All medical care involves inherent risks beyond the control of the veterinary team and that any changes, supplements, or alterations to prescribed treatments may result in undesirable side effects, complications, or additional costs. Client's are not entitled to refunds, returns, or free follow-up care of any kind in the event that further medical attention is required at UAH or any other facility.

Acknowledgement of Refusal of Diagnostics, Medications, Treatments, or Procedure(s)

Declining recommended diagnostics, treatments, services, procedures, surgery, vaccinations, or medications for pet's may increase the risk of preventable diseases, worsen pre-existing conditions, exacerbate unknown underlying disease processes, or expose human family members to zoonotic diseases. Client's that decline these items are acknowledging that selecting a more conservative treatment plan may result in incomplete problem resolution, worsening of clinical signs, deterioration of the pet's health, including but not limited to death, and additional costs for patient care both at UAH or at another facility.

Refusal to use recommended restraint methods or associated costs may result in the termination of the examination, treatment, or care. It remains a clients decision to decline suggested restraint methods but this may lead to delays in diagnosis or treatment, which can have significant consequences and may increase the risk of complications, including but no limitd to death and additional fees both at UAH or at another facility. 

Client's understand that their decisions are made with full knowledge of the risks and are their responsibility and may be viewed as acting against medical advice. Therefore, UAH, it's staff, doctors and affiliates shall not be held liable if a client decline srecommended services and their pet suffers in any way from this decision. In extreme cases, UAH may choose to terminate the veterinary-client-patient relationship. In such a scenario, the client remain responsible for any services performed or attempted, as well as any expenses and charges already incurred.

Animal Discharge and Release Policy, Patient Abandonment

All clients/pet owner's shall understand that it is their responsibility to retrieve their pet on the same day as the scheduled treatment or procedure at the clinic, at the designated time determined by the staff. If they fail to do so and the pet remains at the facility after closing hours, clients will be responsible for applicable boarding and care fees. These fees will be charged for the day of the visit/procedure, and each subsequent day that the pet remains unclaimed. Should the pet remain unclaimed and with no contact from the legal owner for a full 24 hours, it will be automatically considered abandoned and may be transferred to the local animal control faciliy, SCRAPS,  or another location as deemed appropriate by the UAH staff. clients will be responsible for any additional medical or boarding charges, and that abandonment proceedings may be initiated by the local authorities.

It must be known that UAH is not equipped or staffed to board or house pets overnight, and leaving a pet at the facility may result in potential injury or even death.  UAH, its staff, and any affiliates hold no iability in the case of such an event(s).


At UAH, staying connected with our clients is essential. We use text messages, phone calls, and emails to communicate with you outside of scheduled visits. By providing your contact information, you agree to receive updates about your pet's care through these communication channels, and to be available for updates while your pet is in our care. Please note that in some cases, direct communication with the veterinarian may not be possible due to scheduling constraints unless a veterinary consultation is requested (additional charges may apply). UAH does not sell your contact information and only uses it with contracted providers that do not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes.

Furthermore, please be advised that UAH records incoming and outgoing calls. While these recordings are not provided to you, summaries of the calls will be included in your pet's medical record when necessary. These recordings are not accessible to anyone at UAH other than higher-level management. 

 If you choose to opt out of text or email communications, please understand that this may have an adverse impact on your pet's care. To ensure that there are no disruptions in your pet's care, please make sure to provide us with your most current contact information. It is also your responsibility to relay all necessary information between UAH and yourself. 

 As a UAH client, you should be aware that we partner with PetDesk, and may send text and email reminders for recommended services that may be necessary to avoid lapses in your pet's treatment or medications. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that you read and receive these reminders. While UAH will do its best to remind you of appointments and necessary testing, please note that it is ultimately your responsibility to avoid missing appointments or recommended services, which may result in delays or lapses in care, as well as additional fees.


At UAH, we prioritise effective communication and education to ensure that you receive accurate information and understand the services and care provided to your pet. While we strive to provide written documentation, handouts, and summaries, we acknowledge that it may not always be feasible. Therefore, we encourage you to request written documentation and summaries whenever necessary, and we ask that you carefully review any written information provided to you via email, text, handout, or invoice. 

We understand that our clients lead busy lives and that pets can have multiple owners, or an owner may need to send an approved person, 18 years of age or older, in their absence. In such cases, you must provide written consent that they are able to make medical and financial decisions in your place if they are not listed on your registration paperwork as an owner or authorised party; failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your appointment and additional fees. Furthermore, we ask that you ensure the person attending is capable of relaying your concerns and your pet's health history accurately, thoroughly, and in a timely manner. The failure of the presenting person to disclose all the concerns of the legal owner or provide all information relayed to them from anyone at UAH is solely the fault of the present party and no one at UAH shall be held liable or responsible for failures in communication between owners and their representatives. 

We encourage owners with specific concerns to submit them in writing in advance of the appointment so that we can address them. If you wish to discuss issues already discussed during the appointment with the veterinarian at another time when the examination is complete, a follow-up consultation should be scheduled; additional fees may apply. When we schedule appointments, the cost reflects the veterinarian's time to complete these discussions at the time of the appointment, and it's solely the client's responsibility to be present for these scheduled exams and to ensure clear communication between the owner and the client representative tasked with presenting the animal for evaluation.


At UAH, we require various consent forms, estimates, and disclosures to be read and signed before we can proceed with procedures and treatments. Please note that only authorised agents, individuals over 18 years of age, or legal authorities over the pet can sign these forms. It's essential to plan ahead if you cannot be present when these disclosures are provided to avoid delays in care, cancellation, or rescheduling of your pet's procedures. Please be aware that any fees associated with these delays will be your responsibility. If you cannot be present, you can provide this information in advance by requesting it no less than 24 business hours before the scheduled procedure.


We recognise the importance of addressing any concerns you may have, and we welcome questions about any aspect of our services, care, or charges to ensure the best outcome possible for your pet's health and welfare. 

In today's world of widespread social media use, it's become common for individuals to voice their complaints online, which may stem from a genuine misunderstanding. We kindly request that if you have any concerns, please reach out to us directly. By doing so, we can prevent misunderstandings and achieve a reasonable resolution in case we have overlooked something. 

It's important to acknowledge that certain behaviors will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and may result in termination of care. These unacceptable behaviours include: 

  • Verbal abuse, malicious or harmful statements about others, profanity, or any form of disrespect. 
  • Any form of harassment or discrimination. Intimidation tactics, threats, or emotional blackmail. 
  • Allowing your pet to intimidate or threaten another person or pet. 
  • Public disclosure of private information. 
  • Dishonesty in any capacity. 
  • Suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol or other behaviour-altering substances. 
  • Failure to comply with requests made by our staff, including the necessity to leash or restrain your pet. 

It's important to note that if a client or client’s appointed representative’s behaviour is deemed problematic, UAH reserves the right to discontinue services immediately. Please be aware that if necessary, law enforcement may become involved.


UAH operates from 7:30am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday, and remains closed on major holidays and weekends. However, UAH may also close for other reasons, such as staff meetings, training, or significant weather events. To ensure clients can plan accordingly, UAH will provide notice of such closures via various digital media, including email, social media posts, and phone messaging, as well as posted signage. Please note that UAH does not offer after-hours appointments or care for safety reasons. In the event of an emergency where we cannot be reached or are not able to see you, please contact Animal Emergency Clinic or Pet Emergency Clinic in Spokane. Other pet emergency facilities are also available in Post Falls and Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. 

 UAH schedules appointments between 8:20am and 5:00pm, with a lunch break between 12:30pm and 1:30pm. Procedure drop-offs are scheduled between 7:30am and 8:30am, with discharges scheduled between 4:30pm and 6:00pm. While UAH endeavours to accommodate most pet emergencies and urgent care needs when we are open, there may be instances where we need to refer you to another facility if we cannot safely and promptly provide the care your pet requires. On a case-by-case basis, UAH may offer drop-off appointments for stable patients. However, please note that your pet may not be seen immediately, and UAH will prioritize patients based on their medical needs after an initial triage evaluation. 

 If you drop off your pet for testing, exams, or procedures, please ensure you pick them up by the end of the business day. If we are unable to reach you, we may use prior written consent or approval of estimates to make decisions, which may result in additional fees or delays in care. Your pet's condition may also deteriorate in this event, and UAH cannot be held liable. Clients must ensure they are available to grant approval or decline recommendations set by the veterinary team at any point during their pet’s stay, and understand that a specific time of contact may not be feasible. 


Professional services such as exams, consultations, and technical appointments are charged according to the time reserved to complete the care, the professionals involved, and any equipment and material costs. Please note that different doctors may recommend different services, which may result in different fees. We will try to disclose this information upfront whenever possible. 

While some exams or consultations may have predetermined charges, the fee reflects the time needed to complete the requested service, as well as the materials and labour involved. If a visit exceeds the specified time or requires additional evaluation, additional fees may apply. This usually occurs when a client fails to disclose an issue when scheduling or when something is found during the evaluation that warrants further investigation. 

 Professional service charges may include extended exam fees, phone, email, and text communications, virtual visits and consultations (such as telemedicine, tele-advice, and tele-triage), case information assembly and research (including previous medical record collection or review), symptom/disease investigation, outside specialist consultation, and treatment, therapy, or medication adjustments. Furthermore, these fees and associated clerical fees may be billed in the event the client or its representative requires documentation, consultation, written, verbal and reproductions of statements or anything pertaining to the client's account, billing or pet’s care. These fees are the client’s responsibility regardless of if a quote or estimate was provided if the information is requested and completed. UAH will make an effort to reach out to the client when these fees may be added in the event their representative requests them and in most cases we will call for approval. In some situations, however, these can be time sensitive and delays could result in harm to UAH, its affiliates or the patient and in those instances, contact may not be feasible. 

Services of any kind performed outside of normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-6 pm) may be subject to after-hours care fees, which can be double the standard fees for services due to the higher costs associated with after-hours care and time. This is especially important to keep in mind when scheduling appointments later in the day and failing to disclose concerns that may extend the care past closing time.


At UAH, we operate within the confines of the laws set forth by the State of Washington. This means that our veterinarians and support staff are prohibited from providing medical advice or services to pets or their owners without ensuring that a valid Veterinary Patient Client Relationship (VPCR) exists. The provision of medical advice or suggestions by veterinary facilities and veterinarians are held to higher standards, and our ability to support the care needed for that recommendation is paramount. Although this can at times lead to frustration for clients who may interpret our efforts as being motivated solely by financial gain, we are in fact focused on providing sound medical advice and patient care while adhering to the laws that we are required to obey to ensure that we do not cause harm. This is critical to preserving our professional status, our patients, and you, the client. 

 It is important to understand what we need to do to maintain this relationship, as well as what you, as the owner/client, must do to allow it to continue. A valid VPCR is required for us to provide your pet with veterinary services and medical advice. It serves as the basis for interactions between veterinarians, our clients, and our patients. A VPCR exists when we have assumed responsibility for making clinical judgements regarding the health of your pet and its need for medical treatment, and when you, as the client, have agreed to follow our instructions. Our examination of your pet within at least the prior year or sooner when medically appropriate is necessary to establish this relationship. We cannot establish this relationship based solely on phone calls or electronic means, but once established, we can maintain this relationship using electronic means between required examinations for certain conditions as dictated by your pet’s medical needs. 

 Please understand that we are not legally permitted to treat or prescribe anything for your pet if these criteria are not met. This is outside our control as it is the law.


Onsite/Hospital Pharmacy

UAH maintains an on-site pharmacy to ensure that your pet receives their prescription medication promptly and affordably. Please note that prescription refills from the on-site pharmacy require at least 72 business hours to process. UAH offers to counsel you on all prescription medications, with key information typically printed on your invoice or included in an insert provided by the manufacturer. It is solely the client's responsibility to comprehend the medications and directions provided.

Special Order Medications

UAH may not always stock all recommended medications but many can be special ordered at a client’s request. UAH will make every effort to special order medications when requested that are not regularly carried by our on-site pharmacy. When requested, a quote for the item will be provided, and prepayment will be required to order. Refilling special order medication requires a minimum of 7 business days' notice to ensure that medication is ordered and arrives on time.

UAH Partnered Online Pharmacy Options

To better serve our clients, UAH has partnered to create its own online pharmacy, which can be accessed via the UAH website. UAH also has partnerships with Purina (proplanvetdirect.com) and Science Diet/Hills to offer ship-to-home options for their products. These options allow for digital authorization of your pet's prescription items at no additional cost beyond the cost of the medications/food. Each of these options has promotional offers and auto-ship discounts to help clients save money and get their pet's essential items delivered right to their door.

Our Online Pharmacy can be reached by clicking here or using the link at the top of the page.

Use promo code WELCOME15 to get 15% off your first order *only one coupon can be used per customer

Our pharmacy is powered by myvetstoreonline, a trusted family owned business with decades of experience. That means when you use our online pharmacy you are not only supporting you local community but also supporting another family owned business rather than a large corporate company. The majority of the proceeds from sales on our online pharmacy stay right here in the greater Spokane area and support local families and businesses, what more could we ask for! This is our way of contributing to the shop local mentality to keep supporting our neighbors and community. The best part for you is it is time saving and price matched and in most cases, with convenient options to make getting your medications and items delivered right to you door while still supporting your local community. We changed our partnership when our previous partner was bought out by a large corporate company that does not hold the same values or dedication to our clients and community. Their focus was shifted and no longer in line with our mission. For returning customers you will need to set up a new account but we will get you moving as quickly as we can to digitally authorize your requests, speeding up the process. 

What does that means?

Today, the vast majority of websites selling prescription drugs online are doing so illegally. In fact, The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®), the official registry of the .pharmacy domain, has found that 96% of the nearly 11,500 drug outlets it has reviewed are out of compliance with United States pharmacy laws and practice standards. To address this critical issue, the NABP created the .pharmacy domain to provide consumers with a simple way to determine if an online pharmacy or pharmacy-related website is safe and legitimate.

The pharmacy domain in myvetstoreonline website address means you can rest assured that the prescription drugs we sell are always safe, authentic and sourced directly from the manufacturer.

For more information, visit www.safe.pharmacy

Prescription Diet Home Delivery Options

Purina ProPlan Vet Direct

We partnered with Purina a few years ago to help our clients get the prescription foods they need direct from Purina with the ease of digital authorizations. This means you can get auto ship discounts; rewards programs and you do not have to have a written prescription.  

Simply click here, or use the proplan logo on our home page to create your account, make sure to use our hospital code 62RMV to link your account to our hospital and start shopping. Once you have processed your order, we will get an email to authorize any prescriptions.  Don’t forget this can also be used to get nonprescription Purina items including supplements, regular food and litter.

Hills to Home

We partnered with Hills to home near the end of 2023 to help our clients get the prescription Hills diets they need. We learned that our online pharmacy was not able to ship Hills products to Washington due to restrictions from Washington state on shipping their products to our customers through our partner pharmacy. Regardless this is a great option for clients who wish to use Hills Prescription diets and it comes directly from Hills.  Click Here to register an account it will automatically link to our clinic when using this link or the link on the hills to home logo on our home page. 

Non-Partnered Pharmacy Requests 

While clients have the right to fill their pet's prescriptions at a pharmacy or supplier of their choice, it is not customary, and clients must inform UAH of this preference. It is preferable to relay this information in advance of the appointment, but at least at the time of the appointment. Failure to do so may result in delays, which could potentially cause lapses in your pet's treatment, and additional fees may be incurred. UAH is always willing to provide owners with estimates of on-site filling or special order prices when requested and in advance of purchase to help clients make the best choice for them when filling a patient's prescription.

If clients choose to fill their pet's prescriptions at a facility not partnering with UAH, they will need to pick up a written prescription, as UAH is unable to digitally authorize their pet's prescriptions with facilities not partnered with us. UAH provides written prescriptions for a nominal and non-refundable clerical fee when requested. Written prescriptions cannot be duplicated or replaced if lost or stolen. Additionally, not all pharmacies or online locations offer equivalent or the same products, and in the event clients cannot fill the prescription through one of these pharmacies, they must provide the written script to UAH to fill on-site or via one of its partnered pharmacies. UAH cannot be held responsible for the policies and limitations of outside pharmacies or any improper disclosures and alterations such pharmacies may provide regarding your pet's prescription.

Online Purchasing Warning

If you have ever searched online for pet prescription medications, you’ve no doubt seen attention-grabbing claims. They sound convincing in their promises of convenience and lower prices. Internet sites that sell pet drugs can be reputable pharmacies. However, others are fronts for businesses breaking Federal, State and sometimes International laws. When choosing an online pharmacy there are many things to consider to protect your pet and ensure the medication received is aligned with medical standards.

Some common challenges to purchasing medication online or at human pharmacies include:

  • medications that are counterfeit
  • outdated or mislabeled medication
  • incorrectly formulated or improperly stored
  • may not contain actual active ingredients
  • may contain contaminants or the incorrect amount of the active ingredient
  • may be compromised due to being stored in conditions that are too hot, cold, or humid
  • may not have the proper directions for administration
  • does not have staff trained in animal prescription medications, side effects or dosages
  • may substitute for a product that unknowingly contains dangerous ingredients to pets because its ok in humans
  • may, in error, attempt to alter dosing directions or formulation due to lack of knowledge of animal pharmacology

Because of the risk associated with purchasing from online or human pharmacies, Union Animal Hospital no longer faxes prescriptions to outside online or human pharmacies we are not partnered with, nor do we approve a prescription request over the phone as we want a written record of the prescription your pet needs to ensure accuracy and reduce risks of fillng errors. If you choose to buy from an online or human pharmacy, we will provide you with a written prescription at your request *see polciies above for details*.  Writte prescriptions requested outside of your pet's exam may take up to 7 business days complete by our veterinarian. Our veterinarians are not in the office every day and must attend to patients and clients that are our hospital first and foremost. Prescriptions also require more time as the veterinary must review your pet's record and evaluate options and rules that may apply at an off site pharmacy. Additionally, only the veterinarian in charge of your pet's care can write your prescription. Please request one at your exam for a discount as well as more convenient and timely prescription.  Once you get this written prescription you will be able use it at the pharmacy of yoru choosing. We simply want the best for your pet and we feel we are able to provide quality medications for you in a more convenient, safe and cost effective way than purchasing from non partnered pharmacies.

Prescription Mailing or Emailing and Call in Prescriptions

UAH does not recommend getting your written prescription by having us mail it or scanning/emailing it to you. These methods may result in voided or lost prescriptions. If clients request this service, there is an additional non-refundable clerical fee, and the prescription may not be duplicated in the event of loss, refusal, or voiding by the pharmacy of receipt.

We appreciate your understanding, and thank you for entrusting us with the care of your furry loved ones.


At UAH, prescription medications and medical supplies are non-refundable and non-returnable, as per hospital policy and prescription laws outlined by the State of Washington. Acceptance of prescription items occurs upon payment and departure from the facility. No returns are available, irrespective of the patient's reaction, or failure to read or respond to the listed side effects provided or discussed during the prescribing process.

Non-prescription items may be returned within seven days if they are unused, unopened, in new condition, and fit for resale, subject to the discretion of UAH. Returnable items are subject to a restocking fee of up to 25% and may only be accepted in their original form of payment. Purina ProPlan food items are returnable in their original form of payment, with exclusions that may apply.

All services rendered are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome or unique patient response. It's essential to note that no medical services can guarantee the desired outcome or a diagnosis in all cases.


We recognise that missed or late appointments and procedures can result in increased costs of care for all parties involved. With this in mind, UAH has implemented a policy that aims to reduce the likelihood of missed or late arrivals. 

 To accommodate clients, UAH will make every effort to confirm and remind them of their appointments. We also require that clients provide adequate notice of changes so that we may adjust our schedules and avoid unnecessary costs. 

 Please note the following cancellation policies: 

  • 24 business hours' notice is required to cancel or reschedule regular appointments 
  • 48 business hours' notice is required for dental, surgical, or procedural appointments 

If a client misses their first appointment, UAH staff will reach out to confirm their and their pet's well-being and allow them to reschedule the appointment. This missed appointment will not be billed or incur a fee. 

For the second missed appointment, a fee* will be applied to the client's account for cancelling an appointment with less than 24 hours' notice, and they may be required to prepay for future appointments. This fee is subject to change but will not exceed the cost of the missed appointment. 

For the third and subsequent missed appointments, the cost of the scheduled exam will be applied to the client's account if they cancel with less than 24 hours' notice. Repeated violations may result in termination of their pet's care with UAH, and additional fees may apply. 

If a client misses a dental or surgical procedure, a minimum $50.00 fee will be applied to their account for cancelling with less than 24 hours' notice or no-showing. They may be required to prepay for subsequent dental or surgical procedures based on the estimate on file to reschedule. If they fail to show or cancel appropriately a second time, a minimum fee of $100.00 will be applied to their account and/or deducted from their prepaid deposit. 

UAH will update this policy to reflect any fee changes and will have those updates posted here. Clients should be aware that the fees listed are subject to change, and they are responsible for paying the current amount and requesting the current fee schedule.


UAH may take, or permit others to take, photographs or videos of patients and/or clients, while at UAH. These images may be used for marketing and other purposes, whether in print or in online media. Client's will not be paid for the use of such photographs or videos. UAH will not disclose confidential information such as your name or your pet's name.


Payment is alwasy due at the time services are rendered and UAH does not offer billing options nor do they accept checks, Discover or American Express. UAH will make every effort to ensure your invoice is complete before discharging your pet but any services or other items or fees missed will be owed upon invoicing.  UAH only accepts the following payment options and that client's must come prepared to pay any fees using one of these payment methods.

  • Cash
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Care Credit*
  • ScratchPay*

Financing Options:

ScratchPay and CareCredit offer financing options for those who qualify. Clients are encouraged to apply for these options in advance of their appointments to avoid delays in care if payment plans are needed. These options allow for more flexible payment options but are managed and approved directly with the service providers. UAH does not hold any responsibility for the clients' ability to get approval for these services and delaying application may delay care as prepayment of estimates is needed per the policies outlined above. Please understand that UAH is a small business and does not have the ability to carry payment plans outside of third-party providers for anyone at any time.

Convenience Fees and Services Charges

I understand a convenience fee or service charge may be applied to non-cash payments. That this fee is subject to change and that I will disclose my means of payment prior to authorising services if I want to know the added fee for my payment option. I will not hold UAH liable for my failure to clearly disclose my payment intentions when the final bill is rendered if the fee is added and was not quoted prior to estimates or final invoicing.

Billing Service Fees

Billing is not a service offered by UAH but in the event an outstanding balance does occur and is not paid promptly per policy the balance will be deemed due once the invoice is generated, and a statement is sent via email or USPS. A $25 late fee will be charged for every 30 days the bill is not paid, finance charges and statement handling fees will be applied in accordance with Washington state law. Failure to pay within 90 days of invoicing will result in a collection referral, and the account will be frozen until the balance is paid. Additional clerical and record handling fees may be applied if your account is sent to collections.

Booking Fees and Deposit Policy

To schedule any procedure, a non-refundable booking fee is required, which will be applied towards the procedure, provided it is completed as planned. In the event of failure to reschedule or cancellation outside the approved window, the fee will be applied towards any incurred cancellation fees. Additionally, a deposit equal to the higher end of the estimate is required before any services are rendered.

Charge Disputes & Charge Back Policy

Disputing charges resulting in a chargeback or charge reversal by the banking institution will result in an immediate termination of all professional veterinary services. All fees incurred for responding to these issues, including professional service fees, will be billed at an hourly rate equivalent to the cost of a standard examination, subject to after-hours billing fees. If the chargeback is in your favour, you acknowledge that you will still be responsible for any outstanding balances, finance charges, late fees, and professional service fees incurred. If dismissed, and in favour of UAH, which is a certainty, you will still be responsible for any fees or billable hours necessary for UAH to respond.

PCI Compliance and Encryption of all Card Data

We would like to offer our assurance that UAH adheres to valid PCI compliance protocols for credit card processing and handling. Furthermore, all stored card information is encrypted to safeguard our clients against any unauthorized use. It's important to note that no person affiliated with or employed by UAH has access to your full credit card information.

Credit Card Authorization

Union Animal Hospital, if provided, will use my credit card information for payment purposes related to veterinary services for my pets and this data will be stored securely. Any appointed caretakers/authorized users may make decisions that could result in charges, and clients accept that their credit card(s) may be charged for such fees.

Any fees associated with the care or services provided by UAH, including but not limited to clerical fees, professional service fees, chargeback fees, cancellation fees, convenience fees and collection fees, may be charged to cards on file and any future cards used at Union Animal Hospital when due without further consent required. Additionally, all fees shall charged to client card(s) regardless of whether their pets are in their presence, provided they are linked to my account unless other payment options are provided . Any appointed caretakers shall be viewed as authorize users for services charged to my card and I am responsible for those fees.

Revocation of Authorization Notice

We want to remind you that it's within your rights to revoke this authorization at any time by communicating your request in writing to us. It's important to note that if an alternative payment method is not provided, any service fees or expenses incurred in relation to activity on the account before the revocation will remain subject to the initial agreement and will be considered valid after the revocation request is received. Furthermore, all existing account balances must be cleared before the revocation is processed and will be considered valid.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING AND CONSENT FOR TREATMENT I have read this entire form and agreement, fully understand its terms, and understand that I am giving up substantial rights. By providing my pet for services at UAH and signing the registration forms provided I am acknowledging this agreement freely and voluntarily as legal owner of all animals on my account now and in the future. I HEREBY WARRANT THAT I (A) UNDERSTAND I MUST BE AT LEAST EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS OF AGE TO SEEK CARE AT UAH FOR MY PET (B) HAVE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY PRIOR TO ITS EXECUTION, (C) FULLY UNDERSTAND THE CONTENTS OF THIS AGREEMENT, (D) REALIZE THIS AGREEMENT IS AN ENFORCEABLE LEGAL DOCUMENT BETWEEN MYSELF & UNION ANIMAL HOSPITAL, PLLC, & (E)VOLUNTARILY AGREE TO THIS AGREEMENT OF MY OWN FREE WILL and SHOULD I NOT AGREE I WILL NOT SEEK CARE OR SERVICES AT UNION ANIMAL HOSPITAL.


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  • "We bring both our girls Ava and Nellie. Our latest visit was due to a limping issue after a visit to a dog park with Nellie (Greyhound and Healer mix). Staff was very kind and gentle with Nellie who is timid with strangers. In the end Nellie thanked both the vet and tech by licking their hands. Great team go see this vet office."
    Joy M.
  • "Dr. Sutton and the loving staff at Union Animal Hospital are amazing! They've taken wonderful care of my dog's since they were puppies. We've added 2 more dog's to our pack, a rescue and a re-home, after my Springer passed this spring. Dr. Sutton and here staff are so good with dog's they don't even mind going for their visits. Thanks Doc!"
    Mike P.
  • "Every visit has been wonderful. I feel like they pay attention to every detail and always ask if we have any more questions. I feel safe leaving my dogs in their care."
    Lisa S.
  • "Union Animal Hospital is the best place! The first time visit was great even during the Pandemic, the techs are wonderful and friendly. Best of all is that they are definitely affordable compared to the rest of the clinics in Spokane."
    Lori J.
  • "The most caring and compassionate animal hospital and veterinary clinic I've found in Spokane. Everyone is so nice and they are outstanding with my 11 year old Pomeranian. I've been searching for a while to find a new Veterinary clinic to take my Pomeranian. I'm so happy to have finally found a place with such caring people whom I can trust to care for my dog and give me all the information I need. They even gave me a print out estimate for everything. They are a bit more expensive than some other places I've researched but with the quality of care they give in my opinion it's well worth the few extra dollars. Thank you guys for treating us so well."
    Amber M.
  • "Our fist time having a pet emergency and Union Animal Hospital took us in right away and helped our Fur baby get better again. We won't go anywhere else, good prices and amazing staff, this is the spot if you care and love your animals take them here to be treated with the utmost respect and quality. LOTS IF LOVE TO YOU GUYS FOR BEING THERE FOR OUR FAMILY"
    Elizabeth R.
  • "Had a great first experience! Dr Sutton was great!"
    Debra R.